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We've been offering Duratec oil pan baffles for a few years now, and while overall they have worked out well for alot of folks, this was an item we sourced from another vendor. It was not made here. That's not always a bad thing and can have some advantages from time to time. In this case however, the existing vendor was continuously "out of stock", had horrible communication skills and was constantly over promising and under delivering. We could cry in our beer all day over this and other business issues, but instead we'll let you in on the "bright side" to all this misery.

We made our own! Screw them other dudes. We made ours with more accuracy, lighter weight, superior oil shedding ability aaaand - A LOWER PRICE! And we actually HAVE THEM in stock.

So here's all the info!

Massive Speed System

Trapped™ Oil Control System
Duratec / MZR Motor

Fits in OEM Ford Focus 03-07 2.3 Oil Pan

Works with any Duratec motor that can use above pan

Under hard driving situations, in particular road racing, circle track and auto crossing, oil will tend to "slosh" to one end of the pan. If this happens to be the side opposite the oil pickup, your engine will be starved of its lubricant!!! Prevent this costly, time consuming tragedy with Massive's new "Trapped" oil control system!!! Precisely calculated oiling paths allow proper draining of oil while maintaining an effective level. Constructed of all aluminum to conserve weight right here in the USA! NEW Version 2.0 features greater accuracy, lighter weight, superior availability and the anodized finish allows oil to drain back to pickup faster vs absorbing into the aluminum substrate. MUST be used with a balance shaft delete. Installs with basic hand tools in about 1.5 hours.

Manufactured IN HOUSE at Massive Speed's headquarters right here in the USA!!!

Find it Here
[highlight]Just $65.11!!![/highlight]

OR Get WITH the necessary Massive Balance Shaft Delete kit. We've grouped together 2 great mods that make sense to be done together, as dropping the stock pan is the most difficult part of either's install. Includes the Massive Speed Balance Shaft Delete Kit. Add some power AND some piece of mind - AND save over $15 versus their regular prices!!!

Find that Here
[highlight]Just $83.35!!![/highlight]
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