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New head unit, factory sub not working

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So after I got my new head unit in to replace my audiophile six disc, the factory sub stopped working.

My local audio shop said it is a regular occurance and that it would cost 60 all together to put the harness in to get it working again.

Is that a reasonable charge?
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Well we meet again haha.

You can hook it up on your own. On the wire harness coming from the amp there are 5 wires i believe. Well maybe six but they both go to a ground. You will take the red wire and run an inline fuse and put it on the positive terminal of battery. Next take the bluish(i think) and run it to ground(bare metal). Next is the REALLY small wire. I believe it is white with a red stripe. This is the turn on. You will want to run it to a fuse that is used while the car is turned on. I think the "gauges" fuse works. Next are two other 16 or so gauge wire. On is Grey and One is white. They may have stripes. But the grey one taps into the negative wire on one of your rear speakers and the white goes to the positive on the same speaker. The colors may be different, and if they are post a picture of the harness and I will tell you what goes where.

Hope it helps.
lol it really isn't to bad. But it's up to you.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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