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New Head Unit :D

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Check it out:,,2076_4041_291159496,00.html

It's the Pioneer Premier 880PRS.

Right now, I've got the Pioneer Premier DEH-P940MP, and I love it. I've had it since mid-2001, and it's been in my Focus, a Cavalier before that, and the Mustang before that. Tough sumgun, it was in both the Stang and the Crapalier when they were totalled. Now, it's got a slight noise, almost a grinding noise, that it makes when the unit is turned on [and not in demo mode]. I called the place I bought it from, and they say it could be on its way out. It definitely isn't good, and I dunno if Pioneer will fix it [what would they charge???], so I was thinking new HU.

You can find the 940MP on Pioneer's site [see link above]. It's a kickass head unit, and the main features I like are the graphic EQ, the time alignment, and the auto-eq, which you have to get either the new 980 or the 880. I also like the displays, so I may go with the 980, but I don't *need* the extra graphics stuff or bluetooth, so I might have to stick with the 880.

What do you all think?

Oh, and the rest of the stereo is like this:

Amp: 800w Alpine
Sub: JL Audio 10w3v2
Speakers: Stock

Wiring: Monster Cable

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