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Hello Everyone,

I just picked up a 2014 fusion last week and while at the dealership getting the windshield repaired we saw a 2012 focus yellow blaze hatchback that my wife fell in love with. so long story short we traded her 08 focus in and drove home the "new" focus. It is a 5spd and is fun to drive but not nearly as fun as the ST (I test drove one before we bought the fusion). I would have loved to get the ST but the fusion was just a nice ride and more roomy for the kids.

So now after having the 12' focus I am kind of looking for a little more power and that's when I stumbled upon focus fanatics.
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Thanks guys. I'm a pretty die hard Ford guy ever since I bought my first mustang. this makes my 28th vehicle (cars/trucks/motorcycles) in about 14 years and my Ford's have always been the most reliable. I'm hoping the newer focus continues the tradition.
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