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Hey guys my name is Matt and I am from a little hole in the wall in Western Kentucky. I've been a car guy for as long as I can remember and have been building cars with my family and friends ever since I was a kid. I've done the import/compact car thing for awhile now but my real passion lies in classic cars. I guess my previous car list is pretty long, but the highlights include several swapped hondas, 3 SR20 swapped 240sx's, 1 LS1/T56 swapped 240sx, a bomber style 1953 Bel Air, and most recently a 1963 Chevrolet pickup swapped onto a 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer 4wd frame & running gear.

Aside from the car thing...I am a Electrical Engineering major at Austin Peay State University and I enjoy cycling, especially Downhill Mountain Biking, hiking, watersports, almost anything that entails being outside.

Anywho, I recently picked up a 2004 Ford Focus SVT for a daily driver and thought I'd join the community. Cheers [cheers]

Some Highlights:

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