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Howdy ya'll.
Well my wife owns a 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 sedan model. It was a good little car up until late here. The transmission Konked out and that was replaced. I was told then that the front passenger side wheel bearing needed replacing. Decided to tackle that myself. Long story short...
During the install and reconnecting of the axle something went wrong. One thing that did go wrong and I fixed that was the lower ball joint. Replaced it with after market. Now here is the real problem. The axle....I installed that and torqued it to the required 199 ftlbs...but for some unknown [email protected]#@E$#[email protected]!! [email protected]#@[email protected]!!!2 reason once done the axle shreaded itself! The CV joint near the engine side blew apart. First I thought defective since hell had to replace the wheel bearing/hub so why not? Makes sense that the axle would be done too. So replaced that repeated process and yep...that one shreaded itself too exactly the same dang [email protected]#$#[email protected]#@@@@!!!! I ask why?
The axle does protrude more on the passenger side than the did I torque it down too dang hard?
Like I typed up there...Followed a Chilton's repair manual and it said in the back of CH10 on such things to refer to CH7 which that stated that the torque spec for 2006 and older was 199....I did do this in stages starting at 70 ftlb and increasing by 10 ftlb to hit the goal...
So please let me know...I need to learn just WTF went wrong here...If I can I will attempt again following what the hell I learn so as to get little Gracie (car is named that, it's tradition) mobile again.
If I dont read back sometime soon I will send her to a mechanic to get this done...
I mean everything lined up straight so like what went wrong??
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