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This is a comprehensive review of Tom (Focus-Power) tune for the mk3 focus. I have a 2014 Ford Focus SE Hatchback. I will be going over 5 main things which are shipping, customer support, base tune, data logging, and the custom tune.

Do not expect my results to be the same as yours! Every car is different!

Shipping - Shipping was super easy just go to, click “Ford Focus Store”, click “SCT X4 with Custom Tune”, make an account, pay its $462.00 after tax and shipping. Shipping was a little complicated for me. I don’t live in the best area just south of st.louis. I waited about a week and a half for my first SCT to get there and after that time I just asked Tom for a tracking # and he just sent out a whole new one with Priority and that came within 3 days, what really stood out, he even said he’ll pay for shipping back if a second one does come (it never did) but not a lot companies would offer that.

Customer support could be improved on, don’t leave let me explain, he is very vague on explaining things. I had trouble getting my first datalog done and he offered explanations before I just called SCT and had them figure it out and apparently not all of the drivers install correctly so they manually install it on your computer. I don’t have any other complaints about customer support.

Base Tune was a fun time. Programming was easy. Flashing it was even easier. MAKE SURE YOU USE THE PROVIDED CABLE. The base tune had a lot of torque and acceleration associated with it. I had a 0-60 of about 7 seconds which is about a half and second lower than the stock 7.5 seconds 0-60. The torque kicked my ass at first I just wasn’t used to it but I got used to it pretty quick. I noticed very quickly that his tune has a lot more low-end power, just for reference this is what I’ve HEARD about the 2 other companies RDC (Rebel Devil Customs) has high-end power and Unleashed Tuning has pretty even power from 3-6k.

Datalogging is the part I really hated. The reason you may ask well he has you do a 5 minute idle, 5-minute cruise, and WOT 3rd gear pull from 2k-6k. I had a hell of a time getting the WOT I could not for the life of me and Tom offered very little explanation on how to do it after about the third datalog he finally just sent me a tune without the WOT but I am still trying to get the datalog right so I can have a fully custom tune.

The finale a custom tune all your effort and patience have waited for this moment and it was worth it. The perfect balance between acceleration and torque. Pop and crackles if you opted in for it. The most important is if you have the DCT no more stutter. You can drive without getting your chair rammed into your ass.

If you have any questions I am @ravaged_se please feel free to message me about any questions you have about the tune.
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