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NEW - AX Course Reference

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The local Benz club started something this year that I thought I would share.

They post the course layout in advance of the event.

I thought that it would be a good idea for us to post course layouts for refence and use in other clubs around the country.

If you've ever designed an AX course, it is not easy and often designs get tired because of the physical constraints of the lots.

So, you can take a little from here or a little from there to mix things up a bit.

Below are courses from the current season. If you have course layouts that you can/will share, please post them here.

Autocross 1:

Autocross 2:

Autocross 3:

I'll keep posting the courses from our series.

Please, do the same. [thumb]
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Well I love the idea, but around these parts they usually just make it up as they go. A few weeks ago at Lancaster, PA they did have a map, but only one copy (I traced it), and the second half of the course was completely different than the map. So that's where we stand here.

On the other hand, If they set courses up like the ones your showing, I'd have to have a map- They look like some confusing courses, with all those places that get used multiple times. I'd really be in trouble. I'd run out of gas out there going round and round trying to find the end...
They get pretty tricky for us on occasion. We like the use of decision cones because of space constraints.
This can give you a idea of how Philly does things at Warminster. Obviously we are stuck with limited options.
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man i wish i new how to get into this stuff. i love my car and where i live all the roads a straight and flat i hate it. i want to do this but i am afriad it will cost to much and hurt my car.
man i wish i new how to get into this stuff. i love my car and where i live all the roads a straight and flat i hate it. i want to do this but i am afriad it will cost to much and hurt my car.
Getting involved is EASY.

In your area, check out the Texas Spokes Autocross Group. They are affiliated with the Lone Star Sports Car Club of America (SCCA).

Check them out.

Contact Sasha Lanz at 972-235-4305

She can get you started.

Cost too much? No way. Average cost for an event is $30 and requires NO SPECIAL PREPARATION for the car. The vehicle simply needs to have a valid inspection (if your state requires one) and good tires and brakes.

Will it hurt my car? Very and I mean VERY LITTLE chance of that happening. The truth is driving on the street is arguably more abusive to the car than autocross. Certainly the tires wear a bit more, but not appreciably unless you are out every weekend.

Give it a shot! You won't regret it![race]
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i am afriad it will cost to much and hurt my car.
Your car will actually like it.
LOL- it will only hurt the tires.

I have close to 100k on my car, about 10 events in the past 2 seasons and have yet to break a thing. Just need to replace the tires and brakes-

It's not the typical wheel to wheel racing you may be imagining.
Even when you whack the cones "at speed", it doesn't hurt anything. Get out there!
I REALLY want to try and get into Auto X. Not sure where around my parts to start looking. But i think it would be fun to get into.
this is the course from the upcoming ALSCCA - birmingham region race on Oct 5

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Courses for the battle of the black lake. Absolutely amazing courses, fastest and longest I've ever driven. Part of it is how amazing this site is[hihi]



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wow those look really fast!
wow those look really fast!
Yeah, I actually had to shift to third and was in third through the sweeper at the end where the course narrows. Lifted the throttle to try to get the car back online and thought I was going to spin[ohcrap] at 60mph

I was 6th in STS (damn 2.5RS's), well in the top half in PAX though :D
the only 2.5 i've ever raced was in STX fortunately...
Sorry had to resurrect this one from the dead. My region put up a course reference to allow us to make our own design, so I took a stab at it. I sent it to the regional exec, he made a few tweeks, and they're going to use my design this weekend! I'm actually kind of excited, hopefully most of the people like it.[cheers]
it's not quite to scale from the pic below it, but you get the idea

here's the runway that we use:
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Nice job!
I don't think I've ever seen that many optional slaloms.
Just one suggestion, which you probably already know about;
Make sure that finish area has plenty of runoff room so nobody spins out into the trailer when they take the 90° turn! [eek]

I sure wish we didn't decide to have our final race this weekend.
(Both our clubs could use more participants)
I'll be running in Helena on Sunday instead.

BTW, what's with all the cones in the infield?
Thanks Doug! yeah that drawing isn't quite to scale so I'm sure we'll make sure there's plenty of stopping room. Also, the map was made in a word doc, so all those cones were just a bunch of copy and paste deals so I could drag and drop easier.
Yeah it does stink about having the same track day. I would like to have done one more Helena run before the season is out, oh well. Hey there's still a few more for us so you still have a chance to come up our way. oddly enough I'm heading down there in a few minutes to hang with some friends for the night, maybe I'll see you on the road!
I'll be heading northbound on I-15 in about 1/2 hour...exit at the Lincoln Road cutoff...
Give a wave!

('re already gone aren't you?)
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