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nelson ledges funday anyone?

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last 2 days of the year, this friday and saturday. i'm really hoping to make it down friday. maybe i'll see some of you there.
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I was going to go saturday but now it's 70% chance of rain.
werd...i called them and they said that they'll play it by ear. The lady told me to call before heading down...roughly 7:30am or so is when she told me to call. They said if it's like a mist rain they'll still have it, but if it's a down pour style rain, they won't.
couldn't take off work...hence why i'm making an attempt to go tomorrow. Hopefully the weather holds and doesn't rain [xx(]
[woot] IT'S ON!!!!!

I plan on doing a half day and getting there at 11am. I just got off the phone with them and they said it's a go. The rain stopped over an hour ago with a few dark clouds lingering in the area. She stated that the track dries pretty quickly after it rains. Besides, if you have all the people in the morning running, they'll dry the track even faster! [woot] hopefully see some of you there [burnout] [race][driving]
Fun times was a good clean fun day. No one got hurt and everyone made it home safely! There was maybe 10 cars there, so the last half of the day was run until 4pm. I had to make a pit stop for fuel, but other than that, i'm sore from driving all day! Great times....too bad no other focus peeps showed up.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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