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negative rear camber...

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Hey fellas....Just put a clutch in the focus and I figured I had better get the alignment checked and set. front end was right where it needed to be and required no adjustments, however I was given a copy of the measurements and the rear camber is way off in the right rear. So I checked the wheel and I cannot feel any play so I am guessing that the upper control arm has been bent out of shape? Now I am torn....I have seen the posts for the SPC camber bolt kit and I have also found the adjustable rear upper control arm. Now the camber is out -2.19 degrees.....would the bolt kit be able to compensate and bring the tire back into its proper stance? the bolt kit says its range is -1.0 degrees to +1.0 degrees. Logical thinking would tell me the bolt kit wouldn't work so would the adjustable upper arm be the way to go? [???:)] thanks to all


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Bolt could reduce the RT camber to match the left, you aren't aiming for zero there.

Between 1&2* is pretty typical, not as bad as it looks because of the "red".

Rear toe is nice & even, the range they show as allowable is too high there. Target is closer to .10* and the .36 they show as allowable is too much.
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