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negative rear camber...

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Hey fellas....Just put a clutch in the focus and I figured I had better get the alignment checked and set. front end was right where it needed to be and required no adjustments, however I was given a copy of the measurements and the rear camber is way off in the right rear. So I checked the wheel and I cannot feel any play so I am guessing that the upper control arm has been bent out of shape? Now I am torn....I have seen the posts for the SPC camber bolt kit and I have also found the adjustable rear upper control arm. Now the camber is out -2.19 degrees.....would the bolt kit be able to compensate and bring the tire back into its proper stance? the bolt kit says its range is -1.0 degrees to +1.0 degrees. Logical thinking would tell me the bolt kit wouldn't work so would the adjustable upper arm be the way to go? [???:)] thanks to all


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The rear bolts will do +/- 1* --> - 2010&from=USAFrom&to=USATo

So yes, the bolt kit will bring rear camber into a better range for you.
You can get to about -1.25* and the same on the other side also.

The benefit to the camber arms is that you'll also get new bushings, which are probably worn anyways.

BTW, to correct that front camber you'll have to loosen the subfram and slide it, if possible.
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