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Need to replace rear Lower Control Arms, advice on what to buy?

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I've had the FRPP suspension parts installed for a few years now, and I'm interested in swapping back to the stock parts to make a road trip tolerable. The bushings in the stock RLCAs are siezed, and I'm thinking I will have to torch the bushing out/cut the bolt to remove them.

So that brings us to my question: where should I buy replacement Rear lower control arms? It's my understanding that the bushings are permanently attached to the control arm, so that part can't be replaced by itself, the whole arm has to be replaced.

Fordparts has them for $150, has duralast products for $92.99, and has Dorman parts for $29.79. All of these options come with the bushings installed. Thanks.
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Moved to Brakes, Suspension & Chassis for a better fit.

Pulling the shock for more droop & using a spring compressor should get the stock springs back in without detaching the rear lower arms, so you wouldn't NEED to do them unless they're in bad shape anyways.

Road trips are more tolerable than local/city driving, rolling at speed is when the suspension makes the driving easier. Personal preference, I'm only on SVT version & it makes trips nicer than the stock was.

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When I swapped to the FRPP springs before I did it that way. The bushings were siezed at that time, so we dropped it as far as possible without the shock installed and found that the spring compressors we rented didnt fit. It involved ratchet straps, kicking, and crossed fingers...

I understand what mean about city driving and completley agree, but with three 190lb guys in a car and gear in the trunk, there isnt a lot of suspension travel left.

I would like to buy the arms from rock auto but I need somebody to confirm the reputation of rockauto as a trustworthy company/parts supplier. Or I suppose the quality of Dorman...
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