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Okay here is the situation. recently (2 weeks ago) my tranny went out so I had it rebuilt, new heavy duty tq converter, differential bearing kit, ext. Anyways so I get the car back and drive it about 100-150 miles and notice a vibration when deviating from anything but a straight line... Take it back to the shop and the mechanic says its a wheel bearing, I take it home to replace the wheel bearing. I go to take the axle nut off (the 32mm nut) and its on finger tight (at best) and the bearing is shot (wiggling the tire when its jacked up I get a lot of play in i).

I know that I had no vibrations coming from the bearing before I took it into the shop because I just had new tires put on and I had the shop that did the tires check them. I'm obviously going to call the transmission shop and demand that they fix the bearing but I'm sure they are going to pull some kind of "we didn't even take that off" kinda BS.

My question is do you have to remove that nut and axles to pull the transmission?? I don't want to sound like a tool telling them they messed it up when you don't even have to remove that part.

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