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need some help painting my grill

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I was looking at the stickies for a how to on painting my mesh. I've never painted anything and i want it to look good even though it's just mesh. So do I just get a can of spray paint and do it or what? What about all that clear coat stuff and all? I am ignorant!!! HAHA!!! Also, do i have to take the mesh out to paint it or can i just tape a bunch of stuff off and then paint... actually, you know what, that'd be a really bad idea. One gust of wind and the spray could end up on the bumper.... So i better take it out, lol. Any help you guys can give is appreciated. Ty. SPACE
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if your just spraying the mesh then all you need to do is prim and spray, with the chrome surrounding grill you will need to sand that one down and then prim and spray a couple coats.
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