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When im driving my zx3 and I step on the gas it hesitates for like 2 seconds then goes back to normal.

DTC P0606
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All your codes are related to misfires. Check/change plugs and wires first, then check connector to coil pack for loose wires, then check for cracks in base of coil pack itself. P0303 indicates a cylinder 3 misfire so pay particular attention to that plug/wire.

P0300 - Random Misfire
The random misfire DTC indicates multiple cylinders are misfiring or the PCM cannot identify which cylinder is misfiring.
Camshaft position sensor (CMP)
Low fuel: less than 1/8 tank
Stuck open EGR valve
Blocked EGR passages
One or more EGR passages may be blocked or partially blocked. If this is the case the Misfire Detection Monitor will indicate the EGR port to check for possible blockage.

P0301 through P0310 - Misfire Detection Monitor
The misfire detection monitor is designed to monitor engine misfire and identify the specific cylinder in which the misfire has occurred. Misfire is defined as lack of combustion in a cylinder due to absence of spark, poor fuel metering, poor compression, or any other cause.
Ignition system
Fuel injectors
Running out of fuel
EVAP canister purge valve
Fuel pressure
Evaporative emission system
Base engine
The MIL will blink once per second when a misfire is detected severe enough to cause catalyst damage. If the MIL is on steady state, due to a misfire, this will indicate the threshold for emissions was exceeded and cause the vehicle to fail an inspection and maintenance tailpipe test.

P0316 Misfire on startup
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