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need help comparing rotors

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Yea, I did to a search but it seems noone else is asking about the cryo rotors, so I thought I would ask. And since I am asking about that, might as well ask the usual questions too.

SO my choices are:
Brembo rotors

or cryo-stop rotors:

I like that the cryo rotors are plated so they wont rust inside/along the edges. THey are both around the same price, so that doesnt make a difference. Cant do expensive, but the expensive ones are the drilled and slotted ones, which I dont want anyway. What would you guys do?

I am planning on doing brembo pads cause brembo has a good reputation behind it. Unless you suggest doing ebc colored pads.
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Fair enough. Anyone have experiance with that pad/rotor combo?
Sweet! I know this is gone over probably 52 times a day, but thanks guys for your input! Im glad you mentioned the centric rotors, hadnt seen them yet. I htink i will be doing those now. I know the rotors rust on the surface, but I kinda wanted to keep the edges clean, and it looks like the centric rotors will do that just fine! And the fact that they are fairly inexpensive is a plus. Hate being a college student...

So it also looks like the Hawk hps pads are a slam dunk too?

Again, thanks for helping me out!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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