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I need to know the stock specs of the head so my machinist knows how much we can deck. It's not listed on the AERA system and I don't know the history of the head, if it's a virgin or not. i'd like to know before I go too far with it.
I gave him the only 2 #'s on the head, one is a part #, ends in AB, always a Ford part number indication. The other is, Q6PHA, which I assume is a casting number, but it's not in the system.
Also need those specs to double check the valve specs to have them 3 angled.

Any help will help.

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You've also modified the shape of the combustion chamber (unshrouded valves) which will change the volume.

It's going to be best at this point to match them after milling.
But, before milling, you've got to have to see where the largest one measures at now so you don't take too much material off.
There's no way to take an exact same amount out of each chamber by hand without CC'ing each one.
And, if they didn't start out equal, they're probably even further off now.

Don't forget to check valve to piston clearance after milling the head. [;)]
Hopefully you won't have to machine larger valve pockets in the pistons.

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I realize that this thread is 6 years old, Google brought me here. So I figured that I would bump it in hopes for some updated information. Does anyone have the cylinder height and combustion volume of the ZETEC-R (SVT) head?

My '01 & '04 ZETEC-E heads measured;
Cylinder head height - 133.19mm
Average combustion chamber volume - 45cc (they were all +/- 2cc w/new NGK spark plugs and stock diameter valves installed)
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