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Need a reflash

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Long story short i was installing toms tune and ended up losing my stock tune. I was told by both diablo and Tom to go to ford and have them reflash my computer to stock before i could get my tune to work. I went to a local dealership and they told me that i there equipment said i had the most current stock tune even though it has the original predator tune. I asked them if they could force a stock tune on the vehicle and they said they cant rewrite a stock tune over an already stock tune even though i know the predator tune is on the vehicle. Are they just dumb techs or can i never get my stock tune again. Please help i hate ford techs and need to get my stock tune back.
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With the way the ford IDS works they are pretty much telling you the truth. There are 2 options in their system; they can either reprogram or reinstall. On the reprogram side, it checks the strategy to see if there is an upate. No update, it will not reprogram. They could probably trick it to think a new ECU has been installed but I doubt they will do that or be able to figure it out.

I am sure the diablo works pretty much like ours. It doesn't change the base strategy code of the vehicle. It makes changes to tables, but to ford programming it still looks like a standard ford strategy even if it is programmed with a performance file.

There are probably recovery measures with diablo to where they can force a stock file.
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