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Hey Everyone, I have run a Nascar Pool for 8 years now and am looking for new members. This year I have a 50 team league going with 30 teams already registered.

This pool is for everyone, if you know anyone who is interested in joining with you they will certainly be welcome to. The more the merrier! The pool will be run from an online service (RTSPORTSdotCOM) which I think worked very well last year and will be limited to the first 50 teams entered. I will collect all of the information (Team Owner, Team Name and picks for Daytona) and set up the teams before emailing everyone a link to the site and their team.


The cost for the pool is $20 CAD per team and you can have as many teams as you like. You can send the money by cheque or e-transfer (if you live near Hamilton you can message me with other options).

Each team is to pick any 5 drivers for that weeks race. The picks must be in before qualifying starts for that race. For the first race you will email your picks to me and you will use the website to change your picks starting on the second week. If you don’t want to change your own picks yourself you can email them to me and I will enter them for you. The deadline for submitting your picks on the website is Thursdays at 5pm each week. You will pick your drivers by name (not car number). You picks will carry over to the next race unless you decide to change them. If your driver does not participate in the race (suspension, injury, etc.) you will collect no points. If it is known that a driver will not race before qualifying starts an email will be sent out to give you the chance to change drivers. If a driver is prevented from running after qualifying has occurred I will switch the driver for you to the replacement driver of that car.


The website will determine the points collected by your drivers for that race and for the season. You will collect points based on the Nascar Championship scoring system (finishing position, laps led, winning and leading the most laps). NASCAR points system


The winner will be the person who scores the most points during the 36 race season. Payouts will be based on how many teams are entered into the pool. In case of a tie, the money will be divided evenly.

1st = 50% 2nd = 20% 3rd = 14% 4th =9% 5th = 5% 25th = 2%


To enter just message me before Feb. 18th with your team name, your name and your email address along with 5 drivers names.
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