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So I am going to be finishing my build here in the next 6 months and will be getting into HPDE events next season and hope to be at HPDE4 and attend 1-2 TT events before the end of next season. It appears there may be some significant choices I can make that will impact my class I am in. Not sure if any one can follow my logic and my point additions to let me know if I am calculating it correctly but here I go...

Guess the first question is the focus base class for Time Trials is TTE??

the # references are in relation to the form here:

Currently I have Bridgestone Potenza RE960 AS Pole Positions that are a size 225/50/R16. It looks like I dont get any points for tires. the focus base class is TTE for 235mm so no points with the slightly wider tire.
Tire Points =0

Weight Reduction:
There is no active weight reduction other than the removal of the spare tire. but feel that there should be no points added for this section
Weight Reduction Points =0

This is where it might get tricky. I have built it for turbo (the bottom end) but will be staying NA for a few years.
#4 I have removed the air box, have the iceman w/ focus-sport heat Shield and K&N type cone filter = +1 pts
#5 I have the Focus Central TB = +2 pts
#7 I have the 00' intake manifold that will likely have some porting to match the TB and the head = +1 pts
#16 I am bored out to 85.5mm for JE pistons (9.0:1 pistons), dont think that will have caused me to increase the displacement by more that 1.5% so 0 pts
#17 Currently will be stock but will eventualy have stage 3 cams, w/ upgraded valve springs & retainers and adjustable gears. So will have 0 points untill I add then it will be = +6 pts
#18 Here is a question will have, I will have my head worked on in the next month or two. Does having a valve job count such that it will cost me +6 points???
#23 Have the SVT Exhaust Manifold = +2 pts
#24 Have the SVT Flex and aftermarket 2.5" exhaust = +2 pts
#25 Have the SVT CAT = +1 pts
Engine Points = +21 pts

#1 I have the 4.06 gears in my MTX-75. Nothing else. so this should be +7 points right?
Drivetrain points = +7 pts

I have Koni Sport struts and springs front and rear, w/ Eibach front and rear sway bars, Focus Sport front and rear strut tower braces. will be getting the C-F-M front cross members and rear camber bolts. Have also LCR race camber plates on the front.
#1 due to shocks and struts = +10 pts
#5 due to the aftermarket springs = +2 pts
#6 Any Points????
#7 have sway bars (upgraded) = +2 pts
#9 Will have the tubular control arms = +4 pts
#18 have LCR plates and rear camber bolts = +2 pts
Suspension Points = +20 pts

#1 Have SVT brakes with HAWK HPS pads and Power Slot vented rotors front and rear with SS brake lines. = +2 pts
Brake/Chassis points = +2

I have no added aerodynamics. I do have the cervinis front bumper (not sure if that adds any points in this section). I do plan on having ducting from the bumper to the brakes. does not appear to have line items for that.
Aerodynamics Points = +0 pts??

Roll Cage:
I have no roll cage
Roll Cage Points = +0 pts

So I am calculating +55 pts. this would push me up from TTE to TTC? Thanks for any help or direction you can provide.


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Maybe you can help me. I've built a Focus for the stock car class and our final race of the year is this weekend Oct 11, 12 and 13. (Autumn Colours Classic is the biggest race of the year !!!) The car is ready except that I can't get any camber into it. We are allowed a maximum of 4 degrees (front only). I've replace the lower ball joints and elongated the mounting holes and surprisingly, no camber. I've lengthened/shortened the lower shock mount and still no camber. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated !!!

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^^ not sure if this has to do with my original post at all. You may get more answers in a new thread or different section. The problem you have is that the stock suspension is not designed to be able to adjust the camber.

You will have to go to aftermarket parts or physically alter the strut tower to dial in more camber. Which both of these will likely put you put of the "stock" car class.

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The 2000-2004 Focus 2L Zetec is TTG**. Assuming you add 55 points, that would put you at TTE, not TTC. If you have to compete in TTC, you will not be competitive. TTE you do have a chance. Spend your points wisely.

Camber plates do not add points.
A valve job does not add points.
4:06 gear ratio is 3 points (not 7)
Shocks and struts do not add 10 points.
Add 3 for limited slip diff.

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THANK you for responding to this post!

But it does look like bumpers add the points so I likely will have to reevaluate those and put stock back on once I get into TT.

the double * means i start out with 14 points right?

So looking at the TT car classification form v10.1.4:

E. Suspension
1) Non-BTM shocks/struts/dampers with an external reservoir OR more than two ranges of adjustment - must still take points for springs below +10.....

The Koni Yellow sports I have are not BTM and they have adjustment. but since its only adjustable damping that counts as 1? This is where It adds 3 points due to 3).

6) Conversion. Looks like I did not convert anything over so no points.

Dont have a Diff. But D. Drivetrain item 3) is where the final drive gets the 3 points? was not sure if it mattered about final drive or specific gears.

So I get the new following points:

A. Tires

Current tires are 225mm wide since my base class is TTG which start 195mm i am 30 mm wider that is +7 points. Will likely go to a different tire when in TT so this category will likely change over the year.

With current tires fitted...
Total: +7 Points

B. Weight Reduction

+0 no weight reduction

C. Engine

Since I am not doing the cam gears or porting or valve size of the head I am at:
Total: +9 points

D. Drivetrain

+3 points for the gears
Total: +3 Points

E. Suspension

This is where I suspect most of the points to come from since that what has changed the most.

Total: +13 Points

F. Brakes

Total: +2 Points

G. Aerodynamics
Questions now here. going with SVT side skirts does not add any becuase it does not connect to any other aero mod so should be +0 points?
"7). replace or modify BTM rear diffuser, rear bumper cover or rear "fascia"..." so that's +1 point due to aftermarket rear bumper.
For the Focus Cervinis front bumper i would say it only adds the +3 points per 1). it does not add or modify a front splitter/spoiler/wing/foil. and it also does not add or modify canards/winglets.

Total: +4 Points

I come to a total of: +38 points plus the 14 due to the ** is 52 points.

Starting in TTG 52 points bumps me two classes to TTE.

Sounds like I should be competitive in this class still once I learn how to drive. [woot] and Tires will change that and guess I should get the # of points I need to max that out to 59 points. drop down from 225mm tires to 215 and then go to a soft compound.

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Double * does mean 14 points.

You need a limited slip diff.

You don't have remote reservoir or more than 2 ranges of adjustment, so no +10 points. You still have to take +2 for springs, but that's all.

Your tire wear rating may also cost you points.

My best advice is to talk to your regional TT director. I think that in Utah it's Roger Miller [email protected]

Talk to him before making any changes to your car. Nothing worse than spending money on something and then not using it because it bumps you up in class.

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Unfortunately Roger Miller has passed away and I dont know if the have a new TT director yet. I do believe there is an interim director for TT but can not locate the new post about it.

I will get a LSD installed at some point but as of now I dont. But its good to know its only 3 points. I will likely do my HPDE 1-3 events with out it and then when funds are available put it in but will likely be end of 2014.

for the tires, my current tires are Potenza RE960AS Pole Position. These are a "Ultra High Performance All-Season" per tire rack. Tredwear is a 400 so dont think I take any points on these. but I will likely get new tires before i go to TT events where the points matter. but looks like I can get Toyo RA-1 for +7 points and stay at 59 points and pulling the bumpers back to stock will allow for the diff along with the tires to stay in TTE.
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