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Ok so I've posted on a few threads about some upgrades I've done but didn't have pictures. I don't remember where those were so I'm just making my own thread and putting them all on one. If anyone has any questions on how to just let me know and I'll do my best to explain. These are just some basic mods and add ons I've done nothing fancy but I like it.

I run with a local fire department so I've added a scanner in the glove box which turns on with the car. Difficult to adjust settings and channels but I have it set where I need and for the most part don't have to mess with it. Next to that I have a plug for my Zune. The switchbox I'll show in a second has a spot for one usb charger. This way my zunes always in my car when I go to the gym.

I also have emergency LED bars in my front and rear window, these I just spliced into my map lights as LED's don't take much juice to run. The switch I then just put in the middle of the map lights. I ran a lot less wire that way and it seems like a cleaner install. although I may change that switch to something smaller, maybe a chrome switch. But it works now and glows red when it's on.

I also ran blue LED bars under the dash for the front two floor wells and have a sirius unit wired in to the car as well. (my car didn't come with it and they wanted 500+ to install it so I just got a cheap head unit and plugged it in myself.)

Both of these as well as my scanner are run off of a switch unit I purchased at Auto Express which also glows blue. The switch is hardwired to fuse 33 and then powers three cig lighters which are controlled by this switch panel. I hid the cig lighters in the void behind the glove box. The box gets power whenever I turn my car on but then I have independent control of my sirius, scanner, and gps (mounted in one of the cup holders, forgot to take a pic)
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