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Focus's have 2 fans ( Radiator Cooling / Accessory (AC) cooling)

the smaller fan Will ( Should on some instances depending on if theres a problem) kick in immediately after the AC is turned on...

Heater option shouldn't trigger neither the fans..

The larger fan is controlled by the computer, the computer has a secondary Thermal Temp probe on the engine that is reads its temp and triggers the fan on that way

some occasions the fan will fail to turn on by the secondary for a few reasons
-wire to the temperature Probe is damaged/broken/corroded <- that actually happened on my wagon the wire was corroded within the sheathing and when I was messing around the area it separated exposing the eaten green corroded wire
-probe is faulty
-Wiring problem with the fan harness

The Temp Gauge is actually wired to its own Probe which are known to go bad and send false signals to the dash gauge

(Funny my Focus gauge jumps high aswell and my Aerostar barely moves yet both run at the optimal temperature from what my Fluke auto Multi-meter tells me with its temp probe)
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