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2005 Ford Focus ZX3 2.0l Duratec
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My current wish list that im slowly but surely gonna build up.

Massivespeed Purple Oil Cap
Massivespeed EGR Delete kit
Massivespeed Front Strut Tower Brace
Massivespeed Rear Shock Tower Brace
Massivespeed Adjustable End Links
Massivespeed Light Pulley System
FSwerks Variable Exhaust Cutout
Ebay Race Seat Brackets
NRG Race Seats
Raceland Coilovers
Stage 1 Street Crower Cams
Summit Rhodes Roll Cage
Massivespeed Adjustable Toe Arms
Massivespeed Adjustable Camber Arms
Cosworth Clone Intake Manifold
Steeda Short Ram Cold Air Intake
CFM 67mm Throttle Body
Rear Seat Delete Kit
Motorcraft Axles
Eibach Front + Rear Sway Bar Kit
4 Ebay 17" Rota Grid Wheels Black
4 205/45/17 Bridgestone POTENZA Re-71R's
Pumaspeed WRC Wing
Massivespeed Triple Race Guage Command Center
Focus Power Complete 2.0l Duratec Long Block
FSwerks Stage 1 Turbo Kit

Grand total about $14,500

I feel like it's doable over time. Tell me what you think. Here's my focus ill have a separate post with the current build list and pics of the old owner rebuilding everything before I bought it.


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Where did you get the front bumper from?
Bumper is off an 2006-2007 st or zx3 stage 1/2/3 roush package. Also see people do euro facelift packages. Kinda ugly bumper IMO but whatever. I would recommend you take that $14,500 figure and invest into a better car. I like my focus because it's a cheap ass car if you talking about dumping money like that you should look into straight up engine swap. Gt500, LS, 2.5 duratec, ecoboost you can pretty much drop anything you want in there with $14500

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Where did you get the front bumper from?
The bumpers are from the '05-'07 Ford SAP (Street Appearance Package) kit. It was an optional add-on that I believe launched in '06 but it fits the '05-'07 year models. The wing and side skirts are not from this kit though and are aftermarket. SAP bumpers are very rare these days. I've only seen a handful over the years including my own. I've never seen the front Roush bumper but the rear bumper has ROUSH indented into it like how some Mustangs have.

As far as the rest goes I have to agree with Thugmuffin93. I love my car (I have an '07 ZX3) and I have put a decent amount of moneys worth of mods into it but its not worth $14,500 to me. Engine swap, maybe. But just modding the existing setup, no. There are too many unreliable things about these engines. I'd honestly probably save up some more and upgrade to an ST with that kind of cash. But whatever you do you'll make it your own. That is whats important. So good luck with whatever you do!
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