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Hey everyone, I have finally gotten into another focus daily
My name's chris and i just bought an 01 ZX3 5 speed with 146k
i'm from Northeast CT and my last car was an 06 WRX;
It needs some TLC but i went into it knowing it'll be a project car.
My goals are to be pretty damn low on 17x8 +30 rotiform NUE's in bronze on my red hatch
i want to do all the N/A goodies, and eventually go boost but that'll be a bit down the road. First things first will be re-doing most of the interior bits and hopefully finding some SVT seats all around. I'm going to do the interior black/tan and red but it's just a matter of time. I have a few junkyards around that have some focuses so it shouldn't be too hard to find spare little parts.

well i'm looking forward to seeing you guys around.

oh and my first focus was my first car which was an 01 se sedan 5 speed :p
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