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So i had a little party that soon turned into a large party....

I will post carmens pictures here too and mine...

Ok, I only got some...the important embarrassing one's! LOL
So the party was great, there was a band:

Pretty cool, we all stuff.
Then before that we went on the Pantoon ride, as I said Kevin's dad Mr.Chaney drives it better. But anyway.....we are the party and then we tipped over Paris/PerryEllis/Ed's tent:

I kicked him in the ass, when he was in there, hahaha and here is flicking us off! :

Here some of Chaney and his girlie Jenn, damn he knocked her up quick! They got a baby!!:

Crazy and his wife:

Just tanning boy again with the dog:

And Jeff drinking a REAL mexican beer:

And then we took Ed/Paris "SNIPE HUNTING", this was Jeff's, Jason's and Kev's idea (my Kev) and so I went along with Jess and took him, we went into the woods and I guess we stood over by one side and Jason took Ed/Paris into the woods and told him he had to tie these tomatoes to his leg and run really fast. So he fell for the whole thing! It was freaking hilarious and we got only 2 pics, because it was dark, but here is mine:

Anyway the whole thing behind PerryEllis now being Paris, is because he tans!! LOL Sorry dude, you know your not going to live it down, but we are cool, real awesome people, whoever didn't go, it was fun, ya should have been there!
Anyway thanks Chaney, fun stuff!
And then my pictures!!!

Also i think i broke cause it is not letting me upload any more pictures...i will have to look into that when i get home.

Here are some pictures tho..

Chillin in the garage

My buddy Jason and his g/f Jess


Tanning boy

The Band

Jenn and I

Dad and g/f (before he was DrUnK)

Look at the old man dance

Grandma and Neighbor on the left, Jenn and I in middle, half of kevin on right

My Grandparents

Joshua (the kid in carmens picture saying it is Jenn and mine)

Jess and Jason on the left, Jenn and I in the middle, CrazyWella and his wife on the right

My Uncle Tim

Zoomer and His g/f

Ummmmmm PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



There is more and i will give the link when i get the rest of the pictures uploaded..

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Sweet, I didn't post that he tans here, because some don't know him. hehehehe
Anyway email me the link and our pics please. Thanks.

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yo tell me your boy with the hypnotic had some hen dog with that? INCREDIBLE HULK GRRRR! lol

strate up hypnotic is gross imo.

if you mix that with cranberry juice, 1 banana, and some hypnotic you get a greenish blue concoqtion I FABRICATED THE DRINK you can call it the HYPBANABERRY shake yummy it is!

i mix different stuff sometime at parties and sometimes its a hit sometimes its a miss but i drink it all anyways.

try that drink you need to blend it up in a blender with ice. not to much ice tho. its gotta be like an ultrasmooth smoothie. it goes down smooth and take a couple down and you'll get a nice buzz.

OTHERWISE it sounds like you guys had a great time. your dad is shakin his money maker, go him! as long as everyone has fun thats all that matters.

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Oh wow looks like a good time was had. Carmen you look as lovely as always sweetie. ;-)

Glad you all had a good time, looked like a blast. [:D]

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[:I] Thank you Donille.

@ Chaney did you get Jess's vid up, the one where she is playing the drums, that was awesome!
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