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This is my review of Arlington Heights Ford after doing business with them for 2 years and purchased 2 vehicles new 2007 Ford Focus & new 2009 Ford Fusion.

The Story
As gas prices went up I was driving an SUV gas guzzler 2004 Isuzu Rodeo 4X4. I went on a hunt for a car that would be economical to own and would be a perfect fit for me. I am a Chicago IL heavy commuter and will easily rack up between 25k - 35k miles a year on a car. After my 3 week research on and test driving all kinds of brands and models I decided to buy a 2007 Ford Focus. It had a good incentive program the price was very reasonable and I figured it would serve its purpose while gas surged upward. At the time gas was $1.85 but I knew it would be about $5 with in due time. Going through all the car buying steps and TCO examples from the Ford Focus was just right.

May 2007
I started shopping online, every dealer would entice me with low “NO HAGGLE” prices. I would go to the dealer and thats when things changed. I either would not qualify for some incentives that were added to the “NO HAGGLE” price or they would simply say they made a mistake and I would have to pay more. I know a dealer is in business to make money but as a customer I am in the business of saving money and at the same time I wanted to make sure I didn’t get taken for a ride on my trade in value. At the time my 2004 Isuzu Rodeo 4X4 had an excellent trade in value of around $11k and even though it is only a suggestion I felt that my SUV was worth that amount. I did every service that the manual says to do, I took care of my Isuzu Rodeo, the interior and exterior was impeccable. NO DEALER IN CHICAGO & CHICAGO SUBURBS WOULD EVEN COME CLOSE TO $8500 AS A TRADE IN. Granted my Isuzu Rodeo did have close to 60k miles but I was not willing to take less than $10k. I almost gave up!

June 2007
One night online I came across Arlington Heights Ford doing a build and price on and comparing it to Ford’s website. Arlington Heights Ford had the exact car I wanted 2007 Ford Focus SES with sunroof, abs, side airbags, heated mirrors and heated seats. I did not bother calling or emailing them. I was tired of all the dealer nonsense and lost hope of getting a good deal. When I arrived I was welcomed by a fellow named Rich Jacobson. After a few minutes of talking with Rich I simply told him I wanted to see the Focus i saw online. He knew his inventory and pulled the car up to take on a test drive. We went driving for a while and arrived back at the dealer. Rich asked me if I was interested in buying the Focus. I explained my trade in situation and said to him I did not want to waste his time. He took me into the showroom sat me at his desk and said let me speak with one of the owners about your situation. I laughed out loud while thinking there is no way the owner is going to care about me or what I want. A few minutes passed and Tony Guido introduces himself to me as the GM sits down and says those words every dealer says “if i can make all the numbers work in your favor will you buy this car today”, I said look I have been everywhere if you can, but I doubt you can, I will buy the car. He appraised my Isuzu at $10,500 and gave me a price on the brand new 2007 Ford Focus $300 under invoice + incentives. I WAS SHOCKED! I was so shocked that I said, let me think about it and went home. I thought I was being lied to or maybe my figures were off from my internet research. I came home to verify everything he even gave me paperwork with all the information. I called Tony and bought the car over the phone a week later he even matched the price of the Premium Care 100k mile bumper to bumper Ford warranty with $0 deductible from an online Ford Dealer in another state and paid $595 for it! When I arrived at the dealer Rich had my car ready, Tony Guido was not there and guess who I dealt with? The other owner his brother John Guido he personally did the financial paper work in the finance office and said, I am loosing money to make you our customer but I expect referrals. I assured him I would send buyers, you know we all say that.

June 2009
June 1, 2009 I totaled my Ford Focus. Thursday, June 4, 2009 I bought a brand new Ford Fusion from Arlington Heights Ford at a phenomenal price, no trade in this time. I was so excited when I left the dealer I opened the windows and sunroof. Friday, June 5, 2009 I found 3 scratches on the front passenger side window. Monday, June 8, 2009 I let John Guido Jr from Arlington Heights Ford know the glass was scratched. I took my brand new Ford Fusion over to the dealer so he could verify the damage. He said that he would call me soon. Wednesday, June 10, 2009 John Jr calls, "Juan we are replacing the glass free of charge with Ford OEM (original equipment) glass please call me to make an appointment". This is the second car I buy from Arlington Heights Ford in the past 2 years. A shady car dealer would easily refuse to fix my window and I would only have the option of replacing it at my cost or live with the damage. CAR MANUFACTURES DO NOT WARRANTY GLASS FOR ANY REASON. So the cost comes out of the dealer if they replace glass for a customer. In this case about $600 for brand new Ford OEM door glass. FYI John Guido Jr is the son of an owner of Arlington Heights Ford, do not think that’s why it made a difference on how I was treated, the only reason I dealt with him was because my sales man Rich was in Ohio picking up a car for one of Arlington Heights Ford customers. After this experience there is just no way I could buy a car anywhere else. I was never a Ford man until now! I became a Ford man because of this dealer. I have owned new Cadillac’s, Chevy, Dodge and Isuzu’s I have never been treated this good ever!

There is a reason why Arlington Heights Ford has received Ford’s highest customer satisfaction award for 20 years in a row, "The President's Award". You walk into there showroom all you see are the 20 prestigious Ford “The President Award” trophies. You find countless of hand written letters of happy consumer customers and business customers. You can read current thank you letters from churches, charities and schools that Arlington Heights Ford help every year. Arlington Heights Ford is rated the best Ford dealership in the nation. John Guido owner of Arlington Heights Ford was honored by Time Magazine as the top customer friendly dealer owner in the United States! The owners partners, brothers John Guido and Tony Guido are very involved in the day to day operations, they are always available to talk to there customers. In fact both times I bought a car they were involved in the deal process because I asked for such a big discount! If you are in the market for a new Ford or a good used car of any kind Arlington Heights Ford is a must to visit! Call Rich Jacobson 847-481-0475 my sales rep from Arlington Heights Ford tell him you are a friend of mine Juan J. Perez and he will take care of you! He said he would give me $100 for each person I refer but I don't care about that. I think it's important for us as customers to share information on who to do business with especially when buying a car.

This is why I recommend Arlington Heights Ford.

Juan J. Perez
Chicago, IL

2007 Ford Focus

2009 Ford Fusion
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