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My experience with an inexpensive Turbo setup from

I wanted more power for my car so I decided to see what’s available as far as turbo options.
I noticed that $4000 seemed to be the norm for the supposedly good companies out there like FSWerks.

Then I stumbled across, an American company.

I waded through there website and figured, well I'd need a tune, and I'd need a few other bits and pieces, but for around $2000-$2500 I would have a kit that would deliver similar performance to the FSwerks kit and have $1500-2000 in my pocket.

I talked to Tom at focus-power and he was interested in helping with the low priced turbo kit, he said if it works out people will have an alternative to the higher priced ones.

I ordered the kit on November 29th, 2012, and it arrived about a week later, and I took a quick look through the box, the parts that i did have looked of reasonable quality but I noticed that I didn't have enough parts!!

I quickly laid out all the parts and contacted cxracing, I send pictures and after many phone calls and emails, they send me the missing parts, however they declared a value for customs and I had to pay another $100 in taxes when I received it.
Now it was too cold to install it up in Canada so I waited until spring to install it.

Having never torn apart a Duratec before I had no idea what they looked like, all my previous car experience was on V8's from the 60's and 70's :)

Anyway on with the story. My focus developed a annoying noise on the underside so I jacked it up to take a look. Glancing at the exhaust I noticed that the flange at the front only had 2 bolts and I was sure that my downpipe for my kit had 3. I opened up my kit once again and I was right, wrong friggin downpipe!!.

I laid out everything and compared it to the pictures on the website and I noticed that almost every part was incorrect, I've still no idea what the downtube and exhaust manifold are from?

I called cxracing and asked for my money back and they said no since i'd had it for more than 90 days or it may have been 30 I don't remember the details.
Several phone calls and emails to cxracing, eventually after a few months I received the parts and it finally looked right so I was happy again.

Now it was summer so I wanted to drive my car at the track and not pull it apart so I planned on waiting until after summer to start it again.
Things got in the way as they usually do, and well a year went by zoom!

Last week I finally decided it was time, I pulled the car apart, then I looked at the intercooler, damn! There is no way that the brackets they sent me will work on a focus, the intercooler would be too low.

Not to be put off by the minor hiccup I figured that I would have to do some fabricating for this "Bolt on" kit so if I can get the manifold mounted, the turbo mounted and the downpipe installed then everything else is just plumbing :)

I reclocked the turbo and mounted it on the manifold then I tried to mount the manifold and noticed that the flange extended out on the passenger side and hits the block so I couldn't mount it at the moment.
No problem, I can grind that off..

Then i looked up and noticed that on the focus the alternator is on the back of the engine and right where the downpipe has to go, so there was no way to install this kit on ANY focus..!

I talked to Tom and he said he would give them a call on my behalf and this is what he told me.

"he said they wouldn't help at all even tho the kit wouldn't fit , they stated they have sold other Focus kits and there were no issues , I called the guy a liar and told him they dropped the Focus kit because it didn't fit and the reason it didn't fit was because they thought the Mazda and the Focus was the same engine and there not".


I could list everything that was wrong with the kit but to be honest that’s not the issue, their customer service is between brutal and non-existent.
I've sent them countless emails and left several messages but unless you keep calling they never contact you back.
They sold me a kit that they had never tested or tried on any of their cars otherwise they would know that is it not going to work.

I took this from their website today
"Turbo Kit
Our Turbo Kits are Developed and Tested on the Cars We Own, to Offer the Best Fitment and Performance Results. We Bring Our Kits to the Next Level by Offering Thick Wall Manifold that Won’t Crack and Able to Handling Extreme Power Needs, and Still Maintaining a Market Price Leader"
I can post pictures and all my email correspondence with cxracing if you want to read it, but I will never buy anything from cxracing again.!!!

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Hey whatever I can do to help poor misguided souls like myself :)
I pretty much realized last year that I had thrown my money away when they were resending all the stuff for a kit that they had removed from their website. They obviously knew then that they had issues then but had no problem screwing me further.
I have a ton of parts now because they didn't want me to send the old parts back, but since I have no idea what they fit it means I can't really sell them to anyone because I'm not that much of a prick.
If I lived closer to them I would return 1 part a week through the same window :)

Oh well.
I will never buy cheap crap from I will never buy cheap crap from I will never buy cheap crap from I will never buy cheap crap from I will never buy cheap crap from All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.....

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From the sound of it, the worst part is a turbo manifold that doesn't work for you.

Maybe a little research here & elsewhere on what does fit & the differences so you can see better what's going on.

Lot of parts you could probably sell individually if you don't want to deal with trying to determine what would be needed to make it work. Some here with more name brand systems (zetec ones) have ended up rebuilding with a different manifold when the first wasn't as durable/work well as they expected.

Just throwing out ideas right now, I'd have to look closer at ones that work myself to see what works well for the duratec -haven't gotten to the point of trying that on mine.

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I probably will try to sell the parts when I get around to it, I mean I have a BOV, 2 turbo timers, an intercooler a turbo 2 manifolds 2 downtubes, 2 oil coolers and a crap load of couplers clamps and hoses.

I can probably post pictures and see if the smart people here can identify them :)

I've already in the last 2 days bought a 2.5 L engine now I'm looking for a 2.3 head, a set of headers, cams and an intake and I am going that route instead.

Hopefully I can do a full "successful" write up of that one on the near future :)

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My experience with an inexpensive Turbo setup from

Then i looked up and noticed that on the focus the alternator is on the back of the engine and right where the downpipe has to go, so there was no way to install this kit on ANY focus..!
Cxracing SUCKS!

They know this, the downpipe doesn't fit our Focus, and keep selling this turbo kit as a bolt-on for the American Focus.
Their turbo kit is a chinese kit, you can also buy it directly from the chinese manufacturer, everything is from China, the manifold and downpipe looks good though, however the turbo don't last.

There is no Focus MK1 in China, only MK2, and the MK2 has the same layout as Mazda 3 and Volvo C30, the alternator is located at the front of the engine. This turbo kit was developed based on a MK2 Focus.

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Complaint ID#: 377152
Business Name: CX Racing

BBB has made several attempts to contact the business regarding the above referenced complaint. We regret to inform you that we have not received a response from the company.

BBB develops and maintains Reliability Reports on companies in our service area. This information is available to the public and is frequently used by potential customers. In the case of your complaint, the company's failure to promptly give attention to the matter will be reflected in the report we give to consumers about them.

If the company has contacted you in the interim, please notify BBB immediately.


Xxxx Xxxxxxx
Consumer Services
BBB Complaint Department

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Wow, thats BS... Just goes to show how shady some of these so called businesses are. There should be some way you can sue them for that type of shit, false advertisement, lying to you, ignoring attempts to correct the problem. Sorry you had to deal with sleeze balls like that, hopefully you can sell off your parts and at least make some of your money back. Sometimes it really pays in the long run to just buy quality parts and kits from reputable sellers, you get what you pay for. Best of luck to ya.

-Ps. I have family in Richmond B.C. just south of you, God I love those Turkish Delight/Big Turk candy bars... I always come home with a box or two every time I go up and visit, lol.
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