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my dealing with gamca

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I had bad dealings with gamca on this site. No communication and nothing but excuses as to why almost four weeks after sending money to him I have not received anything from him. Not the thing I bought or a refund. So, right now I have escalated my dispute to Pay Pal to get my money back. I did this on Friday of last week. As of right now, he has not even responded to a request from Pay Pal about the situation.

I am wondering why right after he got my money has he not been seen on this site and is not receiving any PMs.

I did get confirmation from others that they had satisfactory dealings with the same person so I am not too sure as to why this is happening.
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what is it that you bought off of him, the only thing i got was the engine cover, is did have a smudge of melted rubber or something on it that was not mentioned but i got it off with a little elbow grease. sorry to hear about your dealings with him
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