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My dealer refused to install 225/40/18 Winter tires on my 2014 ST

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So I had a long wait for my ordered new Focus ST3. I bought a set of Ford Racing wheels to use with Winter tires. I decided on Michelin Ice X3 but they do not come in the ST size tire of 235/40/18
So I got the 225/40/18
Turns into fiasco as dealer will NOT install the tires. Claiming the tires must be the original size.
I was completely blindsided, argued with them and Ford. (Person at Ford simply called dealer, and reiterated what the dealer said to me)
So not only do I have no Winter wheels, I am probably blacklisted with Ford at this point, since in my ranting the person felt I had 'insulted him' ??.

So I am returning the tires to Tire Rack. (Which STILL has 225/40/18 listed as an alternative size for the Focus ST.

The end result of this is I probably will not even do snow tires, and just leave the damn Summer Only tires on all Winter.
I was going to try that anyway, but peer pressure got me to change my mind. Seems the Universe had other plans for me then tooling around on Winter tires...
Some sort of lesson to be learned in all this. [hihi]

PS Tire Rack is being really nice about taking the tires back. So thanks Tire Rack. Sorry about the SNAFU.
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Why wouldn't you just go to another shop? Why return them? [facepalm]
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