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My collection of ECU firmware files

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Well i plan to upgrade my 150HP Docus MK3 to 182HP. Well after the warranty is over that is... Soooooo.... I started a collection of the firmware files for MK3 and tried to gather some information.

I have the 1.6L Ecoboost 150HP engine, but i also added files for other models, mostly euro/russian ones. The ecu.txt contains my collected notes and info copied from other websites. I only collected BV61-XXX files since that applies to my ECU. Maybe tehse are helpful to other owners as well.

Would be curious to hear what ECU/Engines you U.S. folks have...
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I heard that if you flash a different firmware you can unlock the 2.0L N/A and get a ST engine [grinking]

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Oh you have the old 2.0L engine in North America?

For Europe there are indeed some combinations that can be upgraded by Flash since they have the same engine with just a different ECU Firmware.

1.6L Ecoboost 150 HP --> 1.6L Ecoboost 182 HP

1.6L Duratec 85HP --> 1.6L Duratec 105HP
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