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my CAI help (RAIN)

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hey guys as some of you may no i just installed a new AEM CAI and the bastards sold me the wrong size bypass valve...well it arrived today but wont have time to go pick it up till probably wednesday...anyways were spost to get rain tongiht and am totally scared shitless that its gonna be wet out in the morning when i drive to work is there anything i can do to stop rain from getting into it and ruining my engine??? just a quick temp fix??
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you'll be fine. i've had a cai for 2 years, and only had one problem once(Look at my avatar). to this day i don't have a bypass but instead bought a "heat shield" off ebay which i use as a "splash guard." i recommended one just cause it keeps my filter cleaner.

this -
i like that filter sheild it would be a good idea to keep it clean, but i would get the bypass valve for piece of mind
yeah i'll get one when i get the battery out of the way. but its raining hard today and i never have a problem.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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