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My 2007 ZX3 daily driver/BS thread.

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I'll start off with a little background of myself. Been wrenching on cars for about 20 years. The past 10 or so I fell into VW's hardcore. MK1 75-84 and mk2 85-92 were my thing. prob went through 15 of them in various ways. They really are Lego's for adults as parts can be swapped pretty easy from one generation to the next. My last and latest build is an 81 Rabbit. chassis is mostly stock but drive train is where the Frankenstein was.

block and cyl head were from a 94 Jetta, exhaust manifold from an 79, intake manifold was from a 2001 Beetle. throttle body from 93 Golf, Distributer from 90 Audi 80, valve cover from a 2002 jetta. Intake hoses from a 2002 Beetle and 2001 Jetta TDI. Air box top half from a 89 cabriolet, bottom half 87 16v Scirocco , trans from a 98 jetta but 5th gear was from a 80 Rabbit pickup, radiator 81 Jetta, Fuel and ignition was controlled by MegaSquirt but had some ignition components from an 84 GTI. I'm sure there is more but my headhurts. Car makes approx. 140hp and weighs in about 2000lbs. It's pretty fun to drive. [driving] anyone looking to buy it I have it on CL here in St. Louis. [;)]

A little bit more about me, as you can tell I like tinkering around with stuff and my job helps me do that. Been working at a machine shop for 13 or so years now. So if I needed something tweaked, made to fit....etc I had the tools to do it. That is already carrying over into my Focus.

I guess I should start talking abut that now. Not much, I was getting burned out on VW's (I don't care for ones made after 1992) So trying to keep 20-30 year old cars on the road was getting old. Plus I was looking for something with a few more luxuries [histerical](never had working cruise, none had a/c, power windows and locks are nice) and also trying to stay in a hatchback. Looking over my option and doing research out the wazzoo it seemed like a 2005-2007 Foci would be the best.

Searching and searching for something with a 5 speed and not red or yellow under 100k isn't as easy as you think (at least around me)

Finally this one popped up on CL for the right price and met enough of my criteria to buy (wanted white or blue) but black with 62k on it and full maintenance records back to the day it was purchased in GA, traveled to TX and only spent 2 winters here in STL. (no rust!) I jumped a it back in August.

The test drive pics (yes the stickers were removed as soon as I got home.)


So far not much done to the car, cleaned the interior out. Changed the grey bottom half of interior to all black with panels from the junk yard. Added an the OEM sub box with a Polk 8" sub for a little extra kick. Swapped cluster for one with a tach, added radio control to the steering column. Rearview mirror with temp and compass.

Exterior, the paint still needs to be corrected from the stickers and years of crap it's been exposed too. added a trailer hitch so I can use my small trailer if need be. Added fog lights but still haven't wired them up yet, prob going to use the fusion ones I have anyways.

As of yesterday new tires and 15" OEM alloy wheels, got snows mounted on the steelies.

Have a SVT suspension kit I'll toss on it one day with my own version of the Omni kit. have a stock RSB that needs mounts which I plan on making.

That really about it. I have a few ideas in my head that I'm keeping to myself for now. [:p] prob going to turn into winter time projects at the rate I'm going. but nothing major as it's my daily driver and quite frankly I'm getting a bit bored with car modding. Although the past 2 months have been a bit fun to have something totally new to tinker with.
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