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Hi all!

I hope this is the right place for this post!

I read another post ( that made me think you can help me too!

So it wont start. It just cranks. It worked with no problem until 2 days ago. As soon as I engaged reverse up a very slight incline the engine died- it was a cold January evening and we had just done a 5 minute drive followed by a 2 minute drive.

Next day I found it had no oil on the dipstick whatsoever. So I filled it - actually a little too much as it is just above the top marker. Still no start.

Battery was just a little low- I took it out and trickle charged it but as I said the engine does crank and all expected electronics turn on in the car.

I've put in 4 new spark plugs.

I've checked the fuse is good for the fuel pump, which I believe I can hear on ignition as well.

There is 1/2 tank of fuel BTW :)

So whats next? Do you have some ideas?

Any help appreciated :D

BTW, it's a 2007 Focus Petrol 1.8 Zetec Climate, 66k miles
It was full serviced in June 2018, done 10k miles without service since then
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