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I'm posting my 05 focus project with hopes i can get some insight and maybe some advice on ways to go about my build. I'm hoping to start soon. I'm wanting to do a NA build but have it set up in case i choose to boost it later on.

Starting off with swapping the stock 2.0 with a 2.3

FSWerks Cool-Flo CAI

Cosworth Intake Manifold

FSWerks Plug Connectors

Carillo Super A Beam Pistons

Cosworth Valve Springs

Cosworth Cams (need recomendations here)

Cosworth Crankshaft

Cosworth Engine Bearings

FSWerks Engine Cover

APR Head Studs

Upgraded Engine Mounts

FSWerks Oil Cooler

Cosworth Pistons

Exedy Stage 3 Cluth

FSWerks Race Exhaust

FSwerks 4-1 Race Header

FSWerks Flexpipe

FSWerks Upper Front Stress Bar

FSWerks Rear Stress Bar

FSWerks Lower Front Stress Bar

H&R Sway Bar Front and Rear

H&R Coilover Suspension

Brembo Brake Kit

Grabber Blue (Maybe Grabber Green)

Extreme Dimensions Pro DTM Body Kit (possibly WRC Kit w/ 04 front end conversion)

Extreme Dimensions X-2 Fenders (If I go with the Pro DTM Kit)

VIS Carbon Fiber Hatch

Kaminari Ram Air Hood (Maybe CC GT Concept Hood or VIS Extreme GT Carbon Fiber Hood)

Kaminari WRC Wing

Black Ice Alloy Mayhem Wheels.

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Save your money on the stress bars, as they have been proven by others to have little to no effect on our cars, get bigger sway bars instead. Also unless you are going to have Cosworth custom make some low compression pistons, you definitely won't be able to apply much boost to their normal line of high compression pistons no matter how good of a tune you get. You will be able to apply such a small amount of boost that a turbo would be a waste of money. Also the stock cams are the best for F/I.

I realize that one can always change cams without a lot of work, but once you choose're pretty much stuck with them unless you want to pull the engine out and disassemble it again in the future, should you decide to go F/I.

So~ in other words, you can't really build and engine for both high compression N/A and F/I...unless you care to buy race fuel all the time.[race]. You could also have your car tuned for E85, but your fuel economy would go way, way down.

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pick one: N/A or Turbo.

Theres a lot of Cossie parts on here, you could use cheaper alternatives with the same results

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Yes, I would agree with both of them about the cossie branded parts. I'm in almost done rebuilding a 2.3L with some forged internals, and at first I too was under the cossie hypnosis until I was told by some very knowledgeable people with firsthand experience, that the cossie parts don't cost more because they are better than any other brand, but rather because of the name and the fact that they are manufactured and imported from the land of the pound. Don’t let the guys at Fswerks tell you anything different.

Don't get me wrong Cosworth definitely knows their stuff, but you really don't need that high a quality of parts unless you're trying to build a 700hp+ beast...which would all go to waste anyway on a FWD, unless you find some way to weigh the car down up front during hard acceleration.
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