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Just had my car looked at by Ford. The engine light and OBD light is currently being displayed on my dashboard. Its a 55 TDCI 1.6.
There is also an oil leak on the car, unsure currently where this is coming from.

These were the codes that were produced. Ive been told it will cost thousands to fix if they sort each code out. Can anyone advise otherwise as to a way forward. Any advice be much appreciated. Thanks

p042F - EGR Control Stuck Closed

p0490 EGR valve position control performance or range fault

p2458 Diesel particulate filter regeneration duration

p2585 Fuel additive control module warning lamp request

p0341 Cam shaft position sensor A circuit range performance (bank 1 or single sensor)

p0336 CKP sensor crank position A circuit range / performance

p0299 Turbo / charger super charger under boast

p1932 Fuel additive level low
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