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So i have a 2000 focus SE, just bought it used for $900 pretty decent condition. Just finished replacing all the neccessary stuff like plugs and wires, also did brakes and some suspension bushings.

The major problems start with the fact that the battery dies when the car is left alone for a day or two. When the battery is charged i notice that the warning chime is on when the key is out of the ignition, and nothing is noticeably on or activated. I searched online and someone said the central timing module (where the noise comes from) was bad. I replaced that and the issue is still there. If i take fuse #36 out the noise stops, also when i depress the door switch on the catch, the noise stops.

One other issue that i notice and am not sure if it is related to the other issue is that the shifter will shift without the brake pedal depressed and can move freely when the car is off and no key in the ignition. I took the console off and everything looks normal and the safety switch to the left of the shifter (where you can stick a key in and shift without the key) is also in working order and completely intact,so i might have a bad shifter but i want to know more before i go buy a new assembly.

These are the last things to fix before the car is in very good condition to drive, please help.
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