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Hello fellas!

I'm about to do an engine swap from a Zetec Rocam 1.6 8v to Duratec 2.0 16v.

But, the car that will receive this new engine ins't a Focus, it is a Fiesta 1997.

The easier way to realize this swap is using a IB5 or IB5+ transmission. But the MTX-75 have a lot of upgrades and it is a way more resistent and durable then the IB5.

But I have a lot of doubts about this transmission. I've already done some research around and found out that the Zetec's MTX-75 and Duratec's MTX-75 have a different housings.
But can I use the zetec internals in a duratec transmission?

Thanks in advance. [wave]
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