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Installed the MSD Blaster Ignition this past weekend. After I found a 25T bit to get the old coil pack out of the car (actually... after I went out and bought a xT driver set), the installation was a piece of cake. Put a new set of copper plugs in too gapped at 064.

Starting the car for the first time after the install had me a bit worried as it ran a bit rough. That quickly smoothed out though, and now she purrs like a kitten. Figuring it had to do with the battery being disconnected during the install - that computer thing relearning etc...

I did need to modify the cover that goes over the Coil Pack. My wire routing had the wires rubbing the cover. Dremel made quick work of the plastic... all nice and cozy now.

It has nearly eliminated the bog when taking off, and the engine just plain seems to run much smoother.

Question for anyone who has done this install (or other aftermarket wires):
How did you route the wires from the coil pack to the channel where the spark plugs reside? Pictures?

I have some "unusual routes" in mine to make them fit lengthwise correctly.
The new wires are too think to route in the same pattern as the stockers that I took off (8.5mm).

It all works, no misfires... just not as clean appearing as i'd like it.
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