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(We all like are fun with toys but what about getting mileage with performance.
I have not found a forum or thread for what mileage gains any one is getting with any mod.)
^ link to orignal thread ^^

Thanks to everyone who has replied to the thread “MPG or Performance “ I have a summary of the info in replies. Keep in mind that the info. Is only as good as the honesty and understanding of the persons giving the information. The main areas to cover are Maintenance, Driving style, Add ons, Gas
Some of the things that can be done to a car may not work alone but best with another add on or better up keep maybe even calm down when driving

Maintenance … oil, air filter, tires (pressure), other things of that nature

OIL full synthetic works well but costs more (lots of worship for ROYAL PURPLE)

TIRES this has helped me and created a big topic of debate as one reply pointed out it will wear out the tires sooner, yes maybe but it is too soon to tell ( my CIA cat back and program didn’t help until I topped off the tires )

Being ginger with the gas and brake petals is always a safe bet, driving a focus like a F1 car will not help mileage
Keep the car rolling I.E. time the lights and don’t stop if it is safe to roll (im not telling you it is ok to run stop signs or break any law!! )
Driving 100 miles mellow will use less gas than 100 miles driving aggressively

This is a hard one to write so few people have only one or know what just one will do from the mileage point of view …
…CAI this will let it breath a lot better do your home work about what one is right for you
This will also help the motor breath a lot better, do your homework
These tend to unlock all the potential of the other part that have been installed for performance and works well in a combination but I have not seen anything about one helping all alone

This will vary depending on the quality of the gas and the age of the tanks as well as additives so shop around and find what works for you in your area

Another sources and a little more to think about
thanks to everyone who has replyed to the orignal thread hope this helps some of us

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thats odd, when i drive my car gentel i average 28mpg , when i hamerer on it i usually get 32+
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