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This one is free on Youtube- even the latest digitalized version. It's amazing to watch if you're interested in predictions of the future. Well's vision was wrong- the world didn't stay at war for 30 years. However, that was just one thing, the overall conflict stayed the same. It's depressing to see that nothing has changed through some of the comments made by the characters. While the special effects are not exciting as compared to today's CGI- this 1936 film has better special effects than many 50's to 60's movies. The scenes of human death and destruction were certainly something novel and shocking for the time period it was released.

New things:
- Mini-skirts cut well above the knee.
- The first zombies: not flesh eating, but definitely the first appearance of this fictional affliction called "Wandering sickness" in this film.
- Strong woman role, something we're used to now.
- Dead children used for shock value
- Helicopters- in 1936, there were no single rotor helicopters, Sikorsky didn't make his until the '40s.
- Streamlined main battle tanks
- electric rail cannon
- mega-machines
- sleeping gas
- the first wrist "communicator"
- Flat screen TVs and television in general.
- HUDs
- Flying wing aircraft design
- Pressurized flying suit and helmet: the design is radical compared to what we have today, but the basic idea is there.
- air conditioning: although electromechanical AC was invented in 1902, the first home with AC was built in 1933, it didn't become available for the average person until the window air unit patented in 1948.

Some things he got wrong: We went to the moon before 2036. We didn't use a gun to shoot people into orbit. We don't live in underground cities. Poison gas isn't the ultimate weapon. We don't wear capes regularly, or togas. Although it can be fun. He didn't predict "plushies" either, but you can't get everything right.

The universal idea, mankind is doomed to promote war as peace until it destroys us. Even after peace is assured and long lasting, mankind will find some reason to destroy progress. We can never be satisfied no matter what situation we're in.
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