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Motorsport brake kit M*2300*ZX3

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Well, Ater waiting an entire month for my kit to come in, I got to the last wheel( the RH front) and lo and behold the motorsport parts pullers failed to give me the correct spindle assembly, yeah Ishould have checked them all before hand, but just use this as a warning the correct front spindles are 2M5Z-3K186-AA and 2M5Z-3K185-AA be sure to check that!!!!!!!!

On the plus side, it was an easy mod and along with replacing the front hoses (not in kit) the front sway links and upgrading to the svt struts shocks, car feels like a foci should.
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Two fuggin weeks later, I FINALLY got the correct front knuckle from Motorsport....had to drive it with stock 2001 rotor on the rh front (that was making me miserable let me tell you) but getting the stuff swapped and replacing the front hoses (not in kit, same as production) made an ENORMOUS difference. well worth the $800, moral of this story is to CHECK THE COMPONENT LIST WITH WHAT THEY SHIP BEFORE YOU DISASSEMBLE.
none of the install(I did it in our shop at work) but some afterwards pics (nothing special)

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