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Should I have a shop change my engine mounts so I dont break a bolt off? (car: 76000 miles)

  • it yourself wussy!

    Votes: 16 84.2%
  • dont risk it, have a shop deal with it.

    Votes: 3 15.8%

motormount poll

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well i just got done reading the thread about the guy (and then the other guy) who put the rear engine mount on their car and the bolt broke off...

i recently had a bolt break off from the cam cover in the engines head so im a little weiry now if i should try this or just have a shop do it? what do you guys think

car has about 76--- miles on it...
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I installed mine with about the same mileage, and i drive my car in the winter with salt on the roads.
No problems whatsoever with the install. You can do it man.
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