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What is the best thing to use to clean my motorcycle?

What is best and easiest to clean chrome???

Drying off i use my air compressor, it gets into all the little nooks and cranies.

I use my same car wax to wax it, but is there something better to use..

I am thinking about trying the powerball on it, but i need to go out and buy one.

Spokes suck, and i am thinking about swapping to more spokes than what i have now.

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I use the same waxes/cleaners I use on my car. Any good chrome polish will work fine too..My bike doesn't have much chrome, surely not like your bike does..and no spokes..They're a pain to clean for sure.

The air compressor idea is a good one, just be careful how close you're getting the nozzle to things.

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I wipe my tank and plastics (not that you have any plastic on your ride) w/ a microfiber mitt and a diluted solution of my car shampoo and warm water (I'll either use meguiars gold class or P21S. For the wheels, I spray them down w/ simple green then wipe them down w/ my wheel/tire microfiber.

I use lexol cleaner/conditioner on the seat (for use on leather, but works well on vinyl as well, without the risk of slickness)

And use plastic polish/cleaners on the dash and windshield.

That about does it!

I don't use any treatments on the tires due to not wanting to alter the traction in any way.

Oh yeah....I have black pipes on mine, but neverdull still works well to clean any grease or crud theat gets on them, plus it works well on my svt sills and exhaust tip

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Thats easy.
Honda spray Cleaner and polish.
Buy more then one can, they will be descontinuing it in the US.
Aparently it's not envoriment friendly.
Trust a fellow Focus fanatics and bike owner.
If you don't like it (impossible) i'll buy the rest of the cans from you.
By the way this isn't a honda biased post, I own a suzuki.
Best price I found is here for the 15oz
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