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Swap the clutch and flywheel and your problems are gone...forever!

..unless your trans is a bag (like mine) and it will not let you pull off a fast 1-2 shift

The Librarian
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^^^TC has nothing to do with the 1-2 shift.
That phenomena is caused by the "soft" stock rear motor mount, and the rather vague stock shifter.
These 2 mods will solve that problem for good:
"How To" SVTF Short Shifter Install
"How To" VF Engineering Rear Mount-Install Pics

PapoSwing said:
Unfortunately I cannot say since mine was done under warranty almost a year ago.
WD40 got any ideas?
Mine was done under warranty as well. [dunno]
At 40,000 I would assume the stock clutch is about done for anyway if it's never been replaced.
Good time to upgrade to a lightweight flywheel, and a stronger clutch. [;)]
Parts and professional installation should be somewhere between $700-$900.
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