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MK3 SCT XCAL4 Holiday Special 420.00

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Starting Thanksgiving the 27th through Sun the 30th I will be doing a special on the XCAL4

You get the xcal4 which is a new flasher with a larger screen and a little more user friendly then the previous flashers

The XCAL4 does datalogging , this is important to people wanting to custom tune there MK3 Focus , with out datalogging you cannot get a full custom tune and with out datalogging you wont know if the tune is safe and doing all a tune should do for your MK3

You get a full custom tune file , As we all know no 2 Foci make the same HP so a one tune fits all will not have everyone making the same performance and be as safe as Custom tune would

These Custom tunes are for the MK3 with DCT or 5 Speed , If the trans is to firm or not firm enough I can change it , shift times , quickness of shifts , shudder etc , I can change the DCT to what you like

You get free tune updates as you add more NA mods , its rare that people that add a tune or intake is going to stop there and here again is where a custom tune shines , when you add more mods you get free tunes for each mod , or for 87 fuel , 93 fuel ...

You get my datalogging services , I know not many people have done a tune before so I have set things up where I can remote into your laptop , help with any issues loading the tune just like I was sitting in the car with you , I can do your datalog list of items to log and shot you how to use the datalogging which is very interesting to see and very easy to use , no need to watch videos or read instructions

420.00 shipped for all this you cannot go wrong

Have a safe Holiday and enjoy

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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