I'll start with a brief history of my car. 2014 SE sedan, originally a dual clutch automatic. I bought it with 172,000 miles, and the transmission killed istelf after 4 months or so. I converted it to a 5-speed manual and drove it until I had engine problems, at 182,000. I opened the engine to find out that it had a lot of wear, overall bad condition. It probably did not get regular oil changes before I owned it. Word of advice: check the carfax, and never buy a prior rental car. My wife and I wish we had bought a 3-row car to begin with so I'm scrapping the Focus. We bought a Mazda 5 with a 5-speed manual.

I'm selling all the parts to convert an automatic 3rd generation Focus to a 5-speed manual. I see alot of people inquiring about this project, and hopefully this will help somebody greatly.

The MTX75 transmission and dual mass flywheel were purchased used off ebay, from a car with 70-something thousand miles. I do not know the history of that car, but the transmission and flywheel have worked normally for me. The rest of the parts were purchased new online and only have about 6,000 miles on them. One thing to note is the clutch-to-slave cylinder hose is missing the rubber end piece. It fell off and broke when removing the hose. You might be able to get a new end piece. If not, the hose is cheap. Two pictures show this.

I live near New Bern, NC. I'll meet in a public place near this area. Parts included are as follows:

MTX-75 transmission
Lower transmission mount (one piece is attatched to transmission)
Upper transmission mount (attatched to transmission)
Dual mass flywheel
Pressure plate
Slave cylinder (attacthed to transmission)
Shift cables
Shift lever assembly
Shift lever bracket thing
Shift knob, boot, and bracket as one piece
Clutch pedal
Clutch hoses (3 sections, 2 are still attatched to eachother)
Brake/clutch fluid resevoir
CV axles
CV axle carrier
Labeled bags of required bolts and nuts

Automotive tire Crankset Gear Rim Wood
Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Clock Spoke
Wood Floor Gas Flooring Hardwood
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Gas Automotive wheel system Nut
Automotive tire Body jewelry Gas Wheel Wood

Cable Electrical supply Wire Gas Electrical wiring
Automotive exterior Auto part Metal Font Bumper