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Hey all, took my 2016 SE with a DCT to the Gainesville Raceway today.
Mods are Tom's Tune, shutter delete, aem drop in filter with air box lid removed, muffler delete, 180 thermostat, 2016 Mustang Ecoboost throttlebody, and the active grill shutters are removed. I'm running e85 fuel. I also took out the backseat and everything from the trunk, completely gutted in the back.
Posted is the weather, the gauges on my flasher from when I got to the Raceway and when I finished racing, and my first slip, best slip, and last slip. I also have a link that tells us the air density, sea level, and other such data. My best is run #3 when I finally realized how to properly launch the car.


Air Density:

I plan on adding headers, air vents, and the Velossa Tech Big Mouth in the future. I would like to add a turbo kit or even a nitrous system but as a college student, the funds aren't available for that.

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I ran my stock(minus spare tire and jack) 2013 DCT on a mid-60 degree day in NC about a month ago.
The 60' times are killing the ETs. My 60' were in the high 2.4's and low 2.5's.
I averaged [email protected]

A 0.1 reduction in 60' will equate to 0.15-0.2 reduction in 1/4 ET.

I don't know if there is a way to get the DCT to launch harder. I am about to get Tom's tune loaded this week. I was hoping that would help a bit. It seems like a 2.3 60" should not be out of the question for our FWD with the power to weight ratio it has. I feel like I could easily get 2.20 if it had a manual trans.

I agree with FELIX that a header would help the power a little and bump the trap up a tad, but these cars will never be quick... UNLESS you add a lot of boost. Even then you will have to fight with the FWD to get it to launch.
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