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Slowly this list will populate with different links to the How-To's that have accumulated over time. Thanks go out to not only the members that have created the threads but also Ryan (silverpony2001) for pushing to get this started. Give us a little time to get things moved in here, give rep as you see fit, and feel free to PM me with either broken links or recommendations of mods that you would like to see linked.


Snorkel Delete

Newmission Mod / Custom Ram Air

N/A Mk3 Rear Motor Mount Write Up

Engine Cover Install

Upper Motor Mount Install

MK3 Focus - Oil Change 101

MK3 SelectShift Conversion


Eibach Sportline install


Remove Fog Bezels the Easy Way

Installing Heated Mirrors

Pinstriped Grill

Gorilla Offroad Company Mudflaps - Install

How To: ST spoiler replica install



Mk3 Bulb Info

Bi-Xenon Projector Retrofit

LED taillight on MK3

Fog Light Installation - S Model (with Pics)

Repro ST3 Projector Headlights (review and write-up)

Euro/Electric Focus LED Tail Lights

Philips DRL Install

How to: Tail light tint

How to: Headlight housing removal w/ sidelight bulb change

Headlight Modifications-Baking to open and HID/LED retrofit

How to: Mk3 Headlight Spray-Tint

Mirror Turn Signal Swap

Painted fog lamp bezels - Ti style

Bling Lights Fog light install

Flashing 3rd Brake Light Module

Light bar DIY

How to: LED Reflectors

How To: LED lighting in door safety reflector

Mk 3 Fog Lights Installation Guide


Mk3 Custom Gauges

Adding in Navigation

One Touch Up/Down Base and SE

Backup Camera Install - Lock Pick

Trunk Lid Liner Install

Adding Heated Seats

Outer Dash Vent Swap

Remove OEM Shift Knob

HOW TO: Install Redlinegoods Auto Shift Boot

Install/Review: RedlineGoods Mk3 Shift Boot (Manual)

How to: Aftermarket footwell lighting

How to: Add an Auto Dimming Mirror

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Anyone know how to remove the trim on the SE steering wheel ? Trying to do something with the silver plastic trim.

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Anyone know how to remove the trim on the SE steering wheel ? Trying to do something with the silver plastic trim.
You cant, you have to take off the whole airbag assembly
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^^^ let's keep this to DIY links ONLY, to keep the thread useful.

This thread is open for posts to comment on/add links that are useful, all off topic posts will be removed.
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