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2015 Focus SE sedan flex fuel with key ignition 85k miles

While driving the ignition will "cut out" like the key has been shut off. If I rattle the key in the ignition it will magically start to run again without the starter engaging. messing with the keys will sometimes cause it to stop/start.

there is never any cel and the car runs correctly at all other times. If I do not notice that it has cut out (like at a stop light) then I can simply put it in neutral (or park) and it fires right up every time.

If it is giving me problems I can keep everything running by putting a bit of sideways pressure on the key head (towards the firewall) and that generally does the trick.

It does not do this all the time. There are days that It doesn't do it at all.

I do not have a heavy keychain but it does have a small lanyard that I hook to the windshield wiper stalk to keep weight off.

I have owned this car for almost 2 years and put 45k miles on it myself and this problem just started in spring.

If anybody has any ideas I am all ears.

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