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Hi, I'm new here and a bit of a novice. But I'd thought I'd put the question out there for anyone kind enough to help. Basically, someone tried to break into my Focus MK2 (Zetec 09) and ripped part of the Weatherstrip running across the top of the door / window (see pics). I looked everywhere for a replacement and they were going for 60 quid upwards from official Ford dealers. Anyway, I eventually found a 2nd hand 1 in good nick for 15 quid off ebay and it's on its way to me in the post. Before I even attempt to fit it, I wanted to ask is it a quick and easy thing to do? Will I need to unscrew anything on the door or is it a case of simply slotting it on? The only videos or guides I can seem to find all relate to the strip around the door frame, not the actual door.
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Thanks in advance
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